Topic outline

  • General

  • Kinetical theory of gases

    Kinetical theory of gases, Maxwel-Boltzman statistic, velocity nad energy distribution of particles, pressure, free mean path

  • Vacuum

    Vacuum definition, kind of flow, conductivity, sorption and desorption, vacuum materials, measurement of vacuum

  • Plasma

    Plasma definition, kind of plasma, using of plasma, electronvolt, non-isothermic plasma, sheat, debye length, plasma frequency, ambipolar diffusion

  • Plasma processes

    Collisions in plasma, elastic and inelestic collisions, collision cross-section, ionization, excitation, recombination, three-body collision

  • DC discharges

  • High-frequency discharges

  • Plasma coating processes

  • Set-up of plasma devices

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    • Topic 10

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            • Topic 14