Topic Name Description
Topic 1 File Introduction to Innovation Management

Introduction to Innovation Management (importance of innovation; study of innovation; organisational context of innovation; innovation and invention; successful and unsuccessful innovation; different types of innovation; innovation models; innovation as management process). Economics and market adoption of innovation. Role of state and national systems for innovation support (USA; EU; Japan); waves of innovation and economic growth.

Topic 2 File Managing Innovations within Firms
•Theories about organisations and innovation
•The dilemma of innovation management
•Managing uncertainty
•Organisational characteristics that facilitate the innovation process
•Classification of industrial firms
•Organisational structures and innovation
•The role of the individual in the innovation proces
•IT systems and their impact on innovation
•Establishing an innovative environment
•Case studies: W.L. Gore & Associates, Oxylane, 3M
Topic 3 File Managing Intellectual Property
IP rights:
•technical products (inventions and utility models);
•industrial design items (industrial models, including designs);
•identification rights (designations of origin and trade marks);
•other kinds of creation, such as improved integrated circuits (semiconductor topographies), or new animal breeds and farming methods.
Topic 4 File Management of Research and Development
•What is research and development and traditional view
•R&D management and the industrial context
•R&D investment and company growth
•Classifying R&D - the operations that make up R&D
•R&D management and its link with business strategy, integration
•Strategic pressures on R&D - technology portfolio, managing capital-intensive production in a dynamic environment
•Which business to support and how – technology leverage and R&D strategies
•Allocation of funds to R&D
•Level of R&D expenditure 
Topic 5 File Managing New Product Development
•Product Management
•Key Activities in New Product Development
•Techniques Used for Testing of New Products By Customers
•Case Study 
Topic 6 File Technology Transfer
•Transfer of information and transfer of knowledge
•Kinds of technology transfer
•Strategic partnerships
Topic 7 Folder Seminar 1
Case studies analysis – succesful and unsuccessful innovations. Presentations, discussion.
Topic 8 Folder Seminar 2
Examples of organisational structures of companies, position of research and development. Innovative vs. Pragmatic companies. Presentations, discussion. 
Topic 9 Folder Seminar 3
•Structure and formulation of patents. Presentations: model examples of patents.
Topic 10 Folder Seminar 4
Examples of documents for managementof RD projects (tasks, running and final reports).
Topic 11 Folder Seminar 5
Product management vs. Product development. Examples, presentations.
Topic 12 Folder Seminar 6
Presentations of case studies of technology transfer.
Students presentations, discussion.